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Scott Hungerford is a game designer, content designer, continuity editor, musician, project manager and storyteller all rolled into one. With a professional background in board games, card games, miniature games, role playing games, and computer games (including titles for the Xbox, PC and Facebook) Scott is always interested in to see what's new in the twin gaming industries and how to get involved.

parable: n. A comparison; simile; specifically, a short narrative making a point by comparison with natural or understood things.

raven: n. An omnivorous crow-like bird (Corvus Corax) naturally found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Curious, suspicious, playful, and perplexing.

puzzle: v. To confuse or perplex; mystify. 2. To solve by investigation and study. 3. Something, as a toy, purposely arranged so as to require time, patience, and ingenuity to solve its intricacies.

belief: n. Probably knowledge; mental conviction; acceptance of something as true or actual.

story: n. A narrative or recital of an event, or a series of events, whether real or fictitious.

dthon: n. A combination of his parts, blurred together by time and circumstance to create a powerhouse of creative possibilities.